Minhee Sim, originally from Korea, moved to Toronto in 2014 after listening to what her heart was telling her. While studying in Thai and Business at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, she often found herself wandering into the fashion industry, experiencing different fields, including retail, model agencies, fashion shows and publishing. After graduating university she enrolled in a six-month-long Fashion Expert Program at Kyung-Gi Art College in 2013, and decided to continue her education in garment design at George Brown College, graduating from the Fashion Techniques and Design Program in 2016.
She was a finalist in the Sears Canada/Adorable Outerwear Visibility By Design GTA Student Fashion Contest at Toronto Fashion Week 2016, and won an award at the Trotec Laser Challenge 2016.



Minhee Sim's design mission is to show her belief in the true beauty that resides inside everyone. She seeks to create garments that make people feel confident, comfortable, and exciting, and designs for those who are willing to take the risk of fully awakening to who they are and to be happy with it—because doing so is truly sexy; she wants to create garments for these people while employing the playfulness of experimenting with different design structures, innovative materials and putting contrasting values together, thereby expressing her sincere admiration of craftsmanship in an original way.

8 3


The interlocked number "8" and "triangle (number 3)" represent my initials - S and M.
"8" is the number of perfection—infinity and the universe. "3" is the number of harmony and balance, as in the father, the son, and the holy ghost/past-present-future/think-speak-act/body-mind-soul/birth-life-death.
With this intended meaning, the logo encourages us to face the fear of attempting to realize our perfection and to find infinity within ourselves and in doing so, pushes us to finally set ourselves free.

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